Ashes, ashes, we all fall down..

This is why I’ve basically stopped listening to The Doors, I remember now..

and it’s because after about 4 songs, my chest just starts to ache, and it just won’t stop.. especially when it comes to The End, or with songs about Pamela. I just get so incredibly sad and I just, it sounds so stupid, but I miss them.

I wish they were here.. I want them to be flesh and blood again, living in some cottage together, hanging out on their front porch and laughing over the silly things they used to fight over.

Pamela’s beautiful red hair would have turned to bright, glimmering white, but she’d still be beautiful.. she’d still have that incredibly contagious, gleaming white smile. Jim might have gained some weight, but he’d no longer be drinking.. he’d be a quiet, dreamy, and satisfied poet living a reclusive and accomplished life with his loyal soulmate. 

This is the life I imagine for them.. a reality that will never come to be. Fate is a fickle mistress.

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Posted on February 25th at 12:52 AM
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